Nick Vigue


Nick is a filmmaker / photographer from Southern Maine. He found his passion in photography during a trip to Guatemala that led him to discover the power media had in giving people a voice. Now he is dedicated to working with non-profits and charities in creating content that helps in getting important messages out to the world. His most notable work to date is a documentary he is currently working on from his trip to Colombia. He spent a month in the village of Manantiales De Paz, just outside Medellin, where he interviewed many families to uncover the stories of how the self-settled community began and what they hope to become. The film hopes to gain recognition for the community from Medellin state to bring in more funds for food and education.

See more of Nick's work on our photo page.

Douglas Emerson


Doug is an incredible director currently working in the Boston area. In his freshmen year at Emerson College he kicked off his company C49 Productions, which has grown into a well known company all throughout New England. He is a jack of all trades leaving directing as specialty, but not lacking in his ability as director of photography, producer, or editor. Currently Doug is a producer on a major global documentary in production called "8 Billion Angels" ( which explore the environmental impacts of human overpopulation, and what our future as a species holds. His most notable work to date is a documentary he produced and directed called "Coach Stella", a story about one coach who has dedicated his life to inspire young people that anything is possible, and also has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. See this documentary and more of Doug's work at


Conor Biddle


Conor is a filmmaker from Philadelphia currently taking the Boston dancing market by storm. Two years ago he developed an idea to film dancers from many of the colleges in Boston in some of the cities most notable areas. One year after the project Community of Dancers was completed and playing in Fenway Park as the Red Sox game opening video for the 2016 season. He is not only a great filmmaker but also an incredibly talented dancer. He has filmed and danced for notable brands such as the Philadelphia Phillies, City Gear, Laced, Converse, and the Red Sox. See more of Conor's work on his website


Jordan Kines



Contributing  artists



Diego Felipe Rosende


Diego is a well known figure in traveling and adventure. He is an amazing photographer who has done work Conde' Nast and many resorts around the world. He is originally from Miami but has lived in Boston, New York, Washington DC, and Greece. Diego is also a fantastic filmmaker working in music videos, documentary, and narrative film. His most notable work to date is "The American Identity", a film currently in post production that takes a look at ordinary people from every section of the USA to create a biopic of where this country stands in 2016. Find more of Diego's work on our photo page, or on his website at

Jack Bushell


Jack is a very accomplished filmmaker from the San Fransisco Bay Area. He kicked off his company Bushell Film towards the end of high school and has built it into the award winning production company it is today. Currently Jack is directing commercials for Glass and Marker, a leading Bay Area advertising company. He has a drive like no other to get work done, and get it done well, which is the reason he already has a widely recognized documentary in his portfolio. His most notable work to date is this documentary "From the Golden Gate to the Farollons", a story that follows the training and attempt of Simon Dominguez being the first person to swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to Farallon Islands 32 miles away. See more of Jack's work in our photo gallery and at his website

Casey Nava.jpg

Casey Nava



Casey is a filmmaker and drone expert from Southern Maine. The control he has over his drone is unprecedented and is the result of years of flying experience.  He began his company Navadise Media in his second year of college and has been building ever since, working with clients like OPAL Resorts and NBC. At Umaine he received a Bachelors of Science in Marketing and Management with a concentration in international business. To see more of Casey's work visit his website


Sydney Sagman



Sydney has a spirit that can lift your's up anytime, and she also is an amazing sketch artist. She is originally from Connecticut and currently splits her time between Boston and New York while she attending school. She is also a talented filmmaker who has spent a few summers working for Vice. Currently, she is working on a series of sketches involving human body parts, and shapes of colors to portray their emotions. In collaboration with Envy Life, she is printing these designs onto t-shirts and selling them to split the profits with charity. Her favorite artists are Ralph Steadman, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Alphonse Mucha. 

"Probably the thing I love the most about the world that it is completely absurd, so you really can do anything you want. It's all just one big mess, and there are so many thrilling, hectic, and blissful ways to get lost in the sauce."

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