Soo... We moved to Los Angeles

                 Boston, you have been a time. The three years that I've lived in that amazing city blew by, and my departure from it gave me no time to give it the proper farewell. I hate good byes tho, so it's not goodbye... just see you later. Myself and Doug Emerson, my roommate and now travel partner, stuffed everything we could into my new Kia Sportage (new as in relative to being in my life...). We call her Shirley. The road trip from coast to coast would be the first time I saw the majority of this country, but I also don't particularly like driving, so I had mixed feelings about it all. What saved me was having a friend for it all because one you can split the days and drive for longer, and two because you can ponder on the mysteries of the universe while your driving threw the MidWest where there is literally nothing around you. Getting to LA as fast as possible was the plan, but I refused to drive that far and not stop in The Grand Teton National Forest, a place that had been on my bucket list for a long time. It was beautiful, and satisfying, although the extensive amount of wild fires led to some of the lowest visibility many people had ever seen there. Devastating, but made for some interesting photos. 

                Now we are here in the epicenter of visual art and creativity, and we have big plans for our launch. Our mission is still to use art to inspire people to embrace life. Our time in this world is so short, and when it seems everyday is filled with darkness from all angles, we hope to bring in the light.

PS: Secret project dropping soon. Be ready.

Envy nothing except life.

Envy Life.