The need to know

People are visual learners

In our digital world it is vital that your brand carries a distinct look that becomes recognizable. Target marketing can get you in front of your audience's eyes, but how do get them to come back to learn more? Simply make it visually appealing. Even when someone doesn't know what your brand is, stylish visuals will stick in their mind, and eventually drive them to explore more about you. 

Don't GO M.I.A

Any business can post a few cool photos and videos, but what sets a stronger brand apart is consistency. People are looking for interesting and engaging content, and they have no problem unfollowing pages that don't post, or even post low quality material. They can be savages and will rip you apart if you suddenly post a photo from your iPhone of Jenny rocking your brand at Billy's party last night. I'm sure it was a sweet party, but really they want to see you truly care about your brand visuals. Quality AND Quantity are key.

Okay, Okay, sO what do we do?

Envy Life is creative photography agency that builds visual packages for brands looking to become and remain relevant in eye of the public. Whether you need 3 months, 6 months, or a year of content, we can work with you to build something that ensures a strong presence for your company's future. 

Is this just for social Media?

No! Listen, social media is a strong and powerful platform that we believe all brands should be taking advantage of because hey, it's free. But, this shouldn't be the only place you're communicating with your audience. Your blog, news features, magazines, billboards, posters, stickers, clothing, and so many other mediums can play key roles in spreading the word of your brand. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertisement, and we specialize in getting the people talking. 

Let's Get started

First things first, we need to know who you are, what you might need, and what your passionate about. Then we'll go from there.